Our Projects

61st Digital Agency specializes in building custom made platforms, and helping start-ups and businesses to realize and develop their product ideas.

Get inspired by reading about some of our projects here.

Project: FanLeague

This project is a social betting platform for football fans. We have worked close with the founders and helped with everything from strategy, design, production and launch.

Read more about the project here: https://www.fanleague.com

Project: Fjällnäs

Making sure that our clients make the most out of their business is our main goal. For this project we helped build a new, fully responsive website for Fjällnäs Hotel, to ensure that their guests can easily book their next stay on their mobile devices.

Read more about the project here: https://www.fjallnas.se/sv

Project: KIA Index

KIA Index is the official measurement currency for Swedish websites. It is a custom made platform, built to handle major storage and publication of data.

Read more about the project here: http://www.kiaindex.se

Project: Poddindex

Poddindex is a custom built platform that publishes weekly data on podcasts, from major suppliers like Swedish Radio, Acast, Bauer and Nordic Entertainment Group.

Read more about the project here: https://www.poddindex.se/

Project: Folksam Newsroom

Swedish Insurance company, Folksam, enlisted our help in creating a new, integrated News and Investor Relations web site.

Read more about the project here: https://nyhetsrum.folksam.se/sv/